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Custom Gloves

To order a set of custom gloves, please contact Chris @ greezmunkykustoms@gmail.com

Please provide images and lettering that you want on the knuckles, fingers, cuffs, thumbs, etc. Also, the size and what type of finish you like on the gloves.

       *****ALSO, PLEASE NOTE*****

Any of the gloves listed on our page can be customized. If you like the image from one pair of gloves but prefer your 2nd image to be from another set of gloves, all you have to do is make that notation in the comment section.

Same thing with the lettering. If you like a set with lettering on the knuckles and cuffs but want to change it to lettering from a different set....you can do that. Or, you can change the lettering to something that you prefer.

Any questions, just contact me.